How do I remove users from an Organization?

Click on a user's name in the Manager, and then scroll to the bottom of his information and click Remove from organization. You can choose to Remove or Delete his account. We recommend that you just remove a user. That way, his account is still accessible; it's just not part of your organization any more. It will become a Free account, and all of the restrictions of a Free account will apply. You can remove many users at once by selecting more than one of them in your Manager, and then selecting Remove. Make sure you click the Update button to save your changes.

If your students use fake email addresses, you will not be able to remove them. You will have to delete them because all independent VoiceThread accounts must be assigned a real email address. If your students want to keep their VoiceThread accounts, you will need to change their email addresses before removing them. You must use a parent's or guardian's valid email address if the student is younger than 13 years old. The student will sign in with the new email address once you have changed it. Keep in mind that their accounts will revert to Free, and they will no longer be protected under the Ed.VoiceThread network.