What is the difference between a group and an organization?

VoiceThread Organizations are virtual (there is no physical building with people in it), yet it's helpful to think of them as real buildings containing real people. While there are many types of personal VoiceThread Accounts (Pro, VT Educator, Pro-Educator, Basic, Student, Free, etc.), there are only two possible roles that anyone may have within a VoiceThread Organization: Member or Administrator. If you join a Voicethread Organization, you will be one of these, and it's important to understand that joining a Voicethread Organization allows the Administrators of it to manage and therefore control your account. Just like in real life, it's best not to join an Organization unless you know who's inviting you. Click here to learn more about what it means to be a member of an Organization.

VoiceThread Groups are virtual as well, and can also be made up of any type of account. Groups also have two possible roles - Member and Administrator - but there's one very big difference from VoiceThread Organizations. Group Administrators can control who's in a Group, but they have no inherent power to manage or control the actual accounts of its members. Joining a Group has no security risks, and you can feel free to join and leave any VoiceThread Group at any time.