Current known limitations and workarounds

The VoiceThread Mobile App has many optimizations, updates and improvements to come! Until then, here's a list of some known limitations and how to work with them:

Video commenting is limited

Currently, a video on a slide cannot be played while someone is commenting. Commenting can still be done on a video slide, but only without the video actually playing. Enabling true video commenting in the App is on our list for future updates. In the mean time, we recommend using the fantastic video-commenting function that is available on the web interface at

Read more about Video Commenting!

Limited simultaneous image uploads

The number of images that you can currently upload via the VoiceThread Mobile App is affected by your current network speed as well as the available memory for your device (see "Force quitting apps" for more details). We recommend that you upload one or two images at a time for consistent success. As soon as you have finished uploading an image, you'll be able to touch the (+) button again to add more - again and again.