Do I need to purchase an upgrade in the App if I already have a purchased VoiceThread account?

The VoiceThread Mobile App is a free add-on to your current VoiceThread service. If you have a paid VoiceThread account that you purchased yourself or obtained through an organization, school, or Higher-Ed institution, then the same features that you enjoy at will be available to you in the Mobile App. The only people who might want to use in-app purchasing are new or Free-account holders. The in-app purchasing offers unique packages that are not available at

  1. 5-pack: After you have used your provided "trial" VoiceThreads, if you aren't ready to "go Pro" quite yet, purchase 5 more VoiceThreads to share with colleagues, friends, or family.
  2. Monthly Pro account: A Pro account will allow you to create unlimited VoiceThreads as well as give access to many other features. If you aren't ready to purchase an annual Pro account from, purchase monthly access to Pro features in the App. You can cancel any time.