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Game Design by George Haines' 4th Grade Class


A group of 4th grade students were asked to design and create a level for a video game with clear objectives, challenges, and strategies, then had game designers review their submissions. The VoiceThread served as a platform through which the students could describe their work and designers could give constructive feedback.


Students designed a level using several components:

  • different types of blocks (as obstacles or design elements)
  • coins
  • "star blocks" for goals
  • a time component
  • enemy NPCs (non-player-characters) to defeat or avoid

Students took a screenshot of their design, which was uploaded to a VoiceThread slide, then recorded their description using the Doodler tool for annotation. The VoiceThread was shared with game designers, who provided thorough feedback and critique of each submitted level design.

The VoiceThread