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VT Universal is always evolving as we incorporate your feedback and new development work. We are pushing hard to incorporate all VoiceThread features into Universal, but until then, here is what we’re still working on:

  • Sharing VoiceThreads
  • Editing and uploading closed captions
  • Setting a language other than English
  • Restoring a VoiceThread from the trash folder
  • Moderating/unmoderating comments
  • Adjusting playback speed
  • Editing text comments
  • Notifications of whether comment has been viewed/heard already
  • Full-screen mode for central slides
  • Access to live links on a slide
  • Private replies
  • Reordering comments
  • Importing slides from other VoiceThreads with comments
  • Identity management
  • Access to the Browse page
  • Creating and accessing ThreadBoxes
  • Exporting
  • Groups management