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train with

digital media

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Enhanced Communication

Deliver more than your message.

VoiceThread captures and then delivers your full presence, combining your voice and your media into a highly effective communications package. It’s better than plain text, better than sending attachments, and results in a 3-fold increase in the memory retention of your ideas. Quite simply, it’s a more effective way to connect with and engage your audience.

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Efficient Collaboration

No scheduling required.

VoiceThreading delivers all the benefits of a live meeting with all the convenience of email communication. Participants contribute whenever the time is right for them, which greatly increases the quality of their commentary and the overall conversation. VoiceThread meetings are not only easier, they’re better.

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Engage Your Audience

Presentation is only the beginning.

Delivering your ideas is not enough. The key to closing a deal is engagement. VoiceThread is the only content delivery platform with a built-in channel for rich communication with your audience. When people JOIN in your conversation, they bond with you, your ideas and your content, and that’s good business.

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Track & Analyze

Measure the effectiveness of your message with an intuitive metrics solution.

Productivity meets measurability with VoiceThread for Business’ all-inclusive reporting and analytics dashboard. Understand how well your organization is communicating by keeping an eye on views, comments and scores of essential data.

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One Tool. Tons of uses.

Host a video. Share a presentation. Deliver a document. VoiceThread for Business provides simplicity with one easy-to-integrate solution, accomplishing a wide array of communication goals for everyone in your company.

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Protect Your Content

VoiceThread is a secure and customizable platform built to enterprise security standards.

Preside over your information on a large, powerful and secure network capable of keeping your data right where you want it. Secure sharing puts you in total control of viewership as VoiceThread stores and protects your digital media assets online, ensuring you have complete control over access and distribution.

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